Asian giant hornets can be attracted to hummingbird Feeders

Asian Giant Hornets can also be known as “Murder Hornets,” are the largest hornet species in the world. According to the Washington State Department of Agriculture, these murder hornets can be attracted to the hummingbird feeders. Since the first Washington state sighting in late 2019, scientists trying to get information about the Asian giant hornets. They have asked the hummingbird feeder lovers to keep an eye on the Asian giant hornets. The officials just received the reports of Asian giant hornets visiting Hummingbird feeders. If you have also found any Asian giant on your feeder, please report the Washington State Department of Agriculture officials.

Asian giant hornets can be about half the size of hummingbirds. After their first sighting in 2019, dozens of their sightings are confirmed in 2020. They can attack the beehives and destroy them in the worst cases, which cause the native impact on the environment, economy, and public health.

The Washington State officials are working on finding new tools to minimize the spread of these hornets. You just need to help the officials by reporting any murder hornets around your hummingbird feeder. You can identify the Asian giant hornets by the following signs to report the officials.

Signs of Asian Giant Hornets

They are the ground-nesting insects, which prefer the abandoned rodent burrows and well-hidden nest sites near the root trees. Asian hornets are not frequent on the flowers and like to visit fruit, tree sap, and hummingbird feeders.

They have a pinched, wasp-like waist, which separates the black thorax from the abdomen of orange-yellow and black. Their eyes are large with orange-yellow heads, broad faces, and scalloped lower edge.

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