12 Homemade Hummingbird Feeders DIY Ideas by Hummingbird Mentor

Homemade hummingbird feeders are one of the best inexpensive and creative ways to attract hummingbirds. These tiny birds love to visit their favorite nectar-feeding spots repeatedly without differentiating the homemade and other feeders. Make sure about feeder cleaning to maintain their strength on your feeder. Some simple things like DIY hummingbird feeders and planting flowers that attract hummingbirds can bring different hummingbird species to your garden.

You can make a simple homemade hummingbird feeder from glass jars, plastic bottles, and many other recyclable materials. Hummingbirds don’t care much about the feeder’s material as long as the fresh nectar is available in them. In this article, we have brought the different homemade hummingbird feeder ideas for you. So, check out these unique options before heading to the store and spend money on hummingbird feeders.

1. Glass Bottle Hummingbird feeder

Glass Bottle homemade feederThis attractive homemade hummingbird feeder can easily be made from recycled glass bottles. You can also attach a few red flowers cut from a red plastic plate and colorful beads to add a touch of decoration. Hang this beautiful homemade hummingbird feeder anywhere in your garden to attract the hummingbirds. Use the copper wire to attach the red plastic flowers with the bottle mouth and hang the feeder. You can also use glue to attach plastic flowers.

2. Red Solo Cup hummingbird feeder

red solo cup homemade hummingbird feeder

It’s one of the cheapest and easiest DIY feeders to attract hummingbirds. You need to cut a half-circle from one side of the red solo cup such that the hummingbirds can access the nectar. Punch a couple of holes on the top and use any soft thread to hang the feeder with any tree branch. Fill the solo cup with the fresh nectar to the bottom of the half-circle, and your unique hummingbird feeder is ready, practically without spending anything.

3. Water Bottle hummingbird feeder

Water bottle homemade hummingbird feeder

Most of the plastic soda and water bottles can easily be turned into the magnificent hummingbird feeder. You need to place a straw through a hole in the cap of the plastic bottle. Adding a plastic flower at the straw end can be more beneficial in attracting the hummingbirds. Hummingbirds will love to suck the nectar from the bottle through a straw.

4. Salt shaker feeder                       

Salt shaker hummingbird feeder

All the kitchens have an extra salt shaker, which can easily be turned into a homemade hummingbird feeder. Make sure to drill the bigger holes before hanging them into your garden. You can also attach the pipe cleaners outside the salt shaker and shape them into petal shapes. This will give a perching place to hummingbirds during drinking. The red color pipe cleaners can be more beneficial in catching the hummingbird’s eyes.


5. Jelly Jar Hummingbird Feeder

Jelly jar homemade hummingbird feeder

Every home always features an unused jelly jar hanging around on the shelf. Fortunately, they are not more useless in your home as you can convert them into a perfect hummingbird feeder. Put the nectar inside the jelly jar, poke the holes in the lid so that the hummingbird tongue can go through them. Hang it with the tree. Enough size of the jelly also provides a perfect place for hummingbirds to perch during the feeding.

6. Coffee container Hummingbird feeder

Coffee canister homemamde hummingbird feeders1If you are using a red coffee canister, this will be a perfect homemade hummingbird feeder. Take any of your old red coffee containers and put them in your garden to enjoy the hummingbird’s visit. If it’s not red, it might be more beneficial to paint it red. Cut the two semi-circle holes on the canister’s side and fill it half till the bottom of the semi-circle holes.

7. Mini PVC Pipe Hummingbird feeder

PVC Pipe homemade hummingbird feederThe Mini PVC pipes only need stoppers on both ends to convert into a beautiful homemade hummingbird feeder. Cut the small pieces of the PVC pipes and apply stoppers on both ends such that they don’t leak a single drop of nectar from both ends. Now drill the holes in each side of the pipes, and fill them with nectar. Before filling, you can decorate them with beautiful flowers and red color designs to make them more attractive. The DIY flowers on each drilled port can catch the hummingbird’s eyes.

8. Window handheld Hummingbird feeder

Window homemade hummingbird feederIt’s one of the simplest and versatile DIY hummingbird feeders on the list. This feeder is made with a test tube that holds the nectar. You can use it in two ways, either attach the feeder with a window by using the copper wire or suction cups or remove the test tube from the holder to use it as a handheld feeder. It can be one of the best homemade hummingbirds for personal attraction with the hummingbirds.

9. Wine Bottle Hummingbird feeder

Wine Bottle homemade humminjgbird feederAre you have an empty wine bottle in your home? This is turning to be a perfect hummingbird nectar feeder for your garden.  Take a twisted copper jewelry wire and create a bottle cage to safely hang the wine bottle with it. The feeding end can be made with the rubber stopper from any science supply store. The pre-made feeding tubes are also available to create the feeding ports of your wine bottle hummingbird feeder.

10. Medicine bottle hummingbird feeder

Medicine bottle homemade hummingbird feederYou can recycle your old medicine bottles to turn them into functional DIY hummingbird feeders. To make perfect nectar choose a clear medicine bottle with a tight-fitting cap and a few feet of thread or wire. Pinch the holes in the opposite sides of the plastic vial, make sure the holes are close to the cap but not covered. Holes should be tiny such that the insects and bees can’t reach the nectar. Now round the couple feet of thread and secure it from both ends. You can also put the second piece of tape around the tube with folded ends of the tap for extra holding power.

11. Insulin Bottle Hummingbird feeder

insulin bottle hummingbird feederInsulin bottles can be turned into an adorable hummingbird feeder, especially when wrapped with copper wire and small beads. They have the ability to catch the light and prove as a sparkling addition to your garden. Try to soak the insulin bottle and brush thoroughly from inside before using it as a nectar feeder. The Plastic DIY flowers can be put on the open ends of the insulin bottle to make attractive ports for hummingbirds. Use hot glue to fit the flowers to prevent leakage.

12. Baby Food Jar Hummingbird feeder

baby jar homemade hummingbird feederAre you have an empty baby food jar in your home? You can turn it into a perfect nectar feeder to attract the hummingbirds. You need a baby food jar with a lid and drill it with ¼ and 1/32 inch drill bits. Red and yellow spray paint on it is a plus point in attracting the hummingbirds. Take the 20-inch piece of wire and make the deep hooks to attach the baby-jar feeder. You can also make the perch around the feeding points with the copper wire. Make sure the wire is strong enough such that the bottle doesn’t shake while the hummingbirds are feeding on the ports.

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