The 5 Best Hummingbird Feeders for Canada 2024 by Hummingbird Mentor

In this guide, we’ll explore the best hummingbird feeders tailored specifically for Canada’s unique hummingbird species, climate, and environment. Hummingbirds are a common sight across both northern and southern Canada, with popular species including Anna’s, black-chinned, calliope, costa’s, Ruby-throated, and Rufous hummingbirds.

Selecting the right feeder color and food is essential to attract these delightful birds to your garden. Opting for a bright red feeder and preparing a nectar solution with a ratio of 4 parts water to 1 part sugar is key to enticing hummingbirds to stay awhile. When it comes to feeder materials, you’ll find options ranging from glass and plastic to copper models. Consider factors like price and durability to choose the feeder that best suits your needs and budget.

Our Top Pick

Best Overall: LUJII Hummingbird Feeder

1 LUJII best overall canadaIt’s one of the largest capacity feeders on the list, with a 40-ounce nectar capacity, making it perfect for the cool areas where you don’t need to change the nectar frequently.

Budget-Friendly: BOLITE 18005 Hummingbird Feeder

It’s an antique-style bright red color feeder in the list with 5 feeding ports and a 22-ounce nectar capacity.



1. LUJII Hummingbird Feeder

LUJI Canada

“LUJII” is a bigger bright hummingbird feeder to provide you with another beautiful piece for your decorative garden. In addition, this nectar-filled feeder is also attracting the beautiful small hummingbirds in your garden. This feeder is specially designed according to the Canadian hummingbird species and environment. The anti-aging chassis and optimum design of the feeder never fade like the usual cheap plastic feeders. It’s a convenient height design that provides easy flying and resting to hummingbirds but makes sure to don’t directly put your feeder in the sun, as the raised temperature can cause overflow and leaks.

Capacity and ports

It has five flower feeding ports with a 40-ounce nectar capacity. Each port features a separate round perch to provide maximum comfort to hummingbirds.

Ant-Guard function

This feeder also includes an ant guard function to prevent ants and other insects. But allow the hummingbirds to feed with comfort.

Easy to clean

The sturdy rust-proof metal of the feeder with a wide-mouth opening makes it easier to clean and refill. But don’t put it in the dishwasher as hand cleaning is recommended.


It has 5 ports with 40-ounce capacity.

An ant-guard function is included to prevent ants.


Little expensive and heavy weight with 2.79 pounds weight.

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2. K KERNOWO Hummingbird Feeder


It’s another glass hummingbird feeder in the list with blue, yellow, orange, and red color glass. The unique design of the feeder with red flower ports is a perfect addition to any outdoor. You will get an ant-moat, S-hook, cleaning brush, and rope in the package. It’s easy to wash this round chassis and circular perches design. The hand-blown glass of the feeder will never fade and damage like the usual feeders. This feeder has a toxic-free base part of providing chemical-free nectar to hummingbirds. The transparency of the colorful glass allows you to monitor the nectar level without opening the feeder.

Capacity and ports

This feeder is featuring four red flower ports with a 28-ounce nectar capacity. The base part also includes the 360 degrees round perch to provide maximum comfort to hummingbirds.

Leak-proof Rubber

The round chassis base design with a leak-proof rubber ring prevents it from leaks. Make sure to seal the base before hanging.


A special ant-moat hook is included in the package. Use to hang it along with other S-hook to prevent the ant’s attack.


It has 4 ports with 28-ounce capacity.

Leak-proof rubber ring with ant-moat function.


It’s don’t include the special bee guards.

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3. Juegoal Hummingbird Feeders

Juegoal feeder Canada

Juegoal hummingbird glass feeder comes with a hanger-type design and ABS plastic base. It’s a large hummingbird feeder to accommodate several hummingbirds at a time. You can unscrew the container off the base for easy cleaning and refilling. Use the S-hook to hang this feeder anywhere in your garden along the tree or pole. Although the glass container can be put in the dishwasher, hand cleaning is recommended. Makes sure to perfectly tight the metal hanger on the glass container’s base before hanging it anywhere.

Capacity and ports

There are five red flower feeding ports with a 28-ounce nectar capacity. Each port has a separate round shape perch.


This feeder is featuring a wide mouth for easy cleaning and refilling. Securely tight it with the base part before hanging outside.

Built-in Ant-Moat

It’s designed with a built-in ant moat to prevent the nectar from polluting by crawling insects.


There are 5 ports with 28-ounce nectar capacity.

It’s included the ant-moat.


Don’t have any special leakage prevention.

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4. BOLITE 18005 Hummingbird Feeders

BOLITE 18005 Canada

“BOLITE” is a perfect bright red color feeder with a unique antique bottle design. It’s a good combination of metal and glass with a copper plastic base. You can fit it in any garden space beautifully as the birds will fall in love with this beautiful hummingbird feeder. The beautiful perches along the ports allow the hummingbirds to perch and feed at the same time. Hand cleaning with warm soapy water is recommended to prevent any damage. The wide-mouth design is perfect for refilling and cleaning the antique bottle easily. Hang it directly using the hanger or use the S-hook to hang it anywhere with the tree or pole.

Capacity and ports

The five efficient feeding ports with 22-ounce nectar capacity prevent you from frequent refilling.


It’s three in one type feeder due to material that includes the glass nectar container, plastic base, and metal cover.


It has 5 ports with 22-ounce nectar capacity.

It’s an antique style glass container with metal and plastic base.


   It a heavy weight feeder with 2.38 pounds weight.

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5. Brwoynn Hummingbird Feeder

Brwoynn Cancada

“Brwoynn” is the only plastic feeder on the list with saucer style design. This style of feeders is usually less prone to leakages and provides more comfortable feeding to hummingbirds. You can easily remove the red cover of this feeder to clean it thoroughly. The durable polycarbonate material of the feeder provides a perfectly sealed feeder to prevent nectar leakage. The small round groove and plastic cover prevent the ants and bees, with a special built-in ant-moat. Use the long metal hanger to hang this special saucer feeder anywhere in your garden.

Capacity and ports

It’s featuring perfectly designed 8-yellow ports to make it an awesome gift for the hummingbirds. The capacity of the feeder is 16 ounces, which is enough to prevent frequent refills.

Built-in ant moat

This saucer feeder also features an ant-moat function at the center to prevent ants and other crawling insects.


It has 8 ports with 16-ounce nectar capacity.

It’s a saucer style feeder with low-weight features.


  Low Capacity along with 8 feeding ports.

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Hummingbird Species Found in Canada

Many species of hummingbirds are located in different parts of Canada, including the Rufous, Ruby-throated, and Anna’s hummingbirds. You can easily locate these species in different parts of Canada. Let’s know more about these Canadian hummingbirds’ species, so you can attract them using hummingbird feeders in your specific areas.

Rufous Hummingbirds

This is the most common species of the hummingbirds in Canada, which breed in British Columbia north through the Queen Charlotte Islands, northwest to Alaska border, and east to southwestern Saskatchewan. They usually love to visit the gardens for nectar feeders but don’t like to share the feeder with other species. Even they are also seen to chase the other birds, including the larger birds as well. So, if you wanted to attract this species in your garden, make sure to hang multiple feeders as they don’t like to share.

Ruby-Throated hummingbirds

This is the only hummingbird species found in eastern Canada. You can find them in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Southern Quebec, and Ontario north to Lake Nipigon. Their migration range extended westward through southern Manitoba, Central Saskatchewan, and Central and Southeastern Alberta.

Anna’s Hummingbirds

Anna’s hummingbird breed in Southern Coastal British Columbia, but they also show up in Eastern Canada. Many Anna’s birds also occur year-round in Southwestern British Columbia, while some move into the high country to get the nectar from blooming mountain flowers. Very rare Anna’s hummingbirds can reach Ontario and Quebec. It’s the only species of hummingbirds that can produce the sounds like sharp “Chee-Chee-Chee”.

Broad-billed Hummingbirds

They are usually Mexican hummingbirds who venture into the United States and mostly visit the southern parts, but some also travel as far north as Wisconsin. The male hummingbird usually has a slightly forked tail with white tail-under feathers,  while the female is less colorful than the male.

Calliope hummingbirds

Calliope is the smallest hummingbird species found in Canada, mainly in the interior of British Columbia, east into the mountains of Southern Alberta. Occasionally, you can also locate them in the wander southwestern Saskatchewan. Many people confuse them with the Rufous hummingbirds and Broad-tailed hummingbirds. But you can differentiate the male with glossy purple crown throat feathers and the female with greyish-green crowns and backs.

Broad-tailed hummingbirds

These are rare vagrants, which are reported in Manitoba, Canada. You can easily differentiate the male with a rose-red throat and white chest from the female who lacks a flashy patch of the male. Usually, the females have white-tipped outer tail feathers with a rust color close to the body.

Green Violetear Hummingbirds

It’s another rare and accidentally located species of Canada as they are mostly residents of Mexico and Central America. Sometimes they travel north to the United States and even as far as north as Canada.

Xantus’s Hummingbirds

It’s another rare species of Canada as these are the Mexican hummingbirds and venturing into southern California regularly. Some nesting activities are also reported in these areas, while some travel up the Pacific coast of North America to British Columbia in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do the Canadian hummingbirds go in the winter?

Most of the Canadian hummingbird species spend their winter months in Central America and Mexico. Thousands of hummingbirds are migrating past the Hawk Watch location in Southern Ontario each year. Firstly the males leave the females to follow them in late July.

Where can I see the hummingbirds in Canada?

You locate the hummingbirds in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Southern Quebec, and Ontario to the Lake Nipigon and Lake of the Woods. Ruby-throated is one of the main hummingbird species of these places.

How do hummingbirds survive in Canada during winter?

During the cold weather, hummingbird species enter the energy-conversation mode called torpor, which helps them survive during the winter season. They also change their diet during winter and eat insects as well.

Where do the hummingbirds nest in the winter season?

Most Canadian hummingbird species migrate to southern Mexico and Central America for nesting during the winter season. But you can also winter them in the milder climates of the Southeast and West Coast.

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