The 5 Best Leak-Proof Hummingbird Feeders 2024 by hummingbird Mentor

Leakage is a big problem for people who use nectar feeders to attract hummingbirds to their gardens. When feeders leak, it not only makes hummingbirds unhappy but also brings unwanted visitors like bees and wasps. This can be dangerous sometimes.

Finding a feeder that doesn’t leak can be tough. Many claim to be leak-proof but end up dripping after a few days. But don’t worry! In this article, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve researched a lot and talked to experts in hummingbird feeders. Here are the top five leak-proof feeders we found.

Our Top Pick

Best Overall: LUJI Hummingbird Feeder.

Luji best overallIt’s a unique-style glass hummingbird feeder with an ant-moat hook.  This feeder has five red flower ports to feed five hummingbirds at a time.

Budget-Friendly: First Nature 3055 Hummingbird Feeder.

first nature budget friendlyIt’s a good low-price plastic hummingbird feeder with all the necessary features to attract hummingbirds. It can feed 10 hummingbirds at a time with 10 ports and a 32-ounce nectar capacity.



1. LUJII Hummingbird Feeder

LUJII Feeder

Are you looking to attract more hummingbirds? This will be the right choice for you, as the bottle’s bright color and unique style make it more attractive for hummingbirds. The individually blown and hand-finished feeder glass is embedded with pigment to prevent fade and damage. The anti-aging chassis and optimum design provide you with a long-lasting hummingbird feeder for your garden. The feeder base is specially designed to prevent leaks; After refilling, attach it with the filling tank tightly.

Capacity and ports

It has five red flower ports and a 36-ounce capacity with separate perches for resting and feeding. These separate perches are perfectly designed to provide maximum comfort to hummingbirds while drinking.

Easy to clean

This glass feeder is a breeze to clean. Unscrew the bottle from the base, and that’s it. Use warm water and soap to clean it thoroughly and leave it to dry before filling. The wide-mouth filling bottle is easy to fill and wash.


A separate ant moat hook is provided with the feeder to prevent the ants from reaching the nectar. Fill it with the water, or use the grease or oil on the hanger to block the ant’s way to the nectar.


5 ports, which allow the 5 birds to feed at a time with 36-ounce capacity.

Easy to clean with with anti-aging design.


All the glass feeders are little expensive and heavier than the plastic feeders.

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2. Aspects HummZinger Hummingbird Feeder

Aspects Hmmzinger

It’s a bright red color hummingbird feeder to attract birds from long distances. The feeder’s high-view perches are specially designed for the birds to rest comfortably and drink from any of the ports. It’s constructed with unbreakable polycarbonate material to provide you with a long-lasting hummingbird feeder. You can easily use this low-weight, saucer-style plastic hummingbird feeder to minimize the dripping issues. Many professionals recommended this style as compared to classical feeders. It’s a unique tray-design feeder with a built-in ant moat and leak-proof system to prevent bees and other insects. Use the long hanging hook to hang it anywhere or post mount.

Capacity and ports

There are four red flower ports, which are perfectly designed to divert the rain. The 12-ounce feeder capacity is enough to feed the hummingbirds along with four feeding ports.

Built-in ant moat

There is a built-in ant moat function; you need to fill it with water before hanging your feeder. It can protect your feeder from all the crawling insects.

Easy to clean

You can easily remove the red cover for thorough cleaning and filling. Try to use warm soapy water for cleaning.


It has 4 feeding ports.

Built-in ant moat to prevent the ants.


 It has only 12-ounce nectar capacity.

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3. More Birds Elixir Hummingbird Feeder

More BirdsIt’s a vintage glass medicine bottle hummingbird feeder with a burnt penny finish base. The red bottle with red flowering ports is perfectly designed to attract hummingbirds. The feeder’s wide-mouth opening with a removable base makes it a simple easy to clean feeder. Don’t worry about the leakage; the feeder’s metal and glass combination are perfect to use outdoors without leakage issues. But don’t put it in the dishwasher as it does not completely disinfect the avian diseases.

Capacity and ports

This red bottle holds up to 13-ounces of nectar with 5 feeding ports. Use the perfect design hanger to hang this antique bottle design feeder in your garden.

Attract more birds

The entirely red color feeder has the ability to catch the bird’s attention from long distances to attract more birds to the hummingbird feeder.


There are 5 ports to feed 5 hummingbirds at a time.

It’s easy to clean this antique bottle design.


Only 13-ounce nectar capacity.

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4. Muse Garden Hummingbird Feeder

Muse Garden

It’s another glass feeder on the list with a wide mouth opening for easy cleaning and refilling. The wonderful colors of the bottle with brilliant dots can easily attract hummingbirds. The package contains the ant moat, S-hook, hemp rope, and brush, making it a convenient design for assembling, filling, and cleaning. This recycled material feeder is perfect for preserving the environment for future generations. Please don’t put it in the dishwasher, especially the below metal and plastic parts.

Capacity and ports

It has four red flower ports with a 24-ounce capacity and especially designed “T” shaped perches to provide maximum comfort to hummingbirds.

Safe and durable

All the safe, lead-free, and toxic-free material is used to provide all-around care to hummingbirds. The durable glass is resistant to damage and fading as compared to the plastic bird feeders. You can use it in all weather without worrying about the cracking or nectar spoiling.

Easy to clean

It’s very easy to clean this wide-mouth bottle feeder with a removable base. Make sure to tightly seal the base along with a leak-proof gasket to prevent nectar from leaking.


There are 4 feeding ports with 24-ounce nectar capacity.

It has special leak-proof gasket to prevent the leaks.


No safe in dishwasher, entirely needs hand cleaning.

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5. First Nature 3055 Hummingbird Feeder


Firat Nature 3055-1

All the first nature feeders are ideal for those people who have a limited price range. You can find the first nature feeders in different price ranges with desirable features. We have picked a bright red color first nature hummingbird feeder for those who have the lower price range to attract the most inquisitive hummingbirds from long distances. These are the easiest feeders in the market to clean with a wide mouth jar reservoir and two-part base; twist the two-part base for thorough cleaning. The wide mouth allows you to mix the correct portion of water and sugar within the jar.

Capacity and ports

The large reservoir with 10 feeding ports and 32-ounce nectar capacity allows the maximum number of birds to feed at a time.


All the plastic material of the feeder makes it a patented design with lightweight features to use outdoors.


There are 10 feeding ports with 32-ounce nectar capacity.

It’s a light-weight feeder with low price range.


Not include built-in ant-moat, nor the separate ant-moat hook.

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Different Ways of Preventing the Hummingbird Feeder Leaks:

Is it possible to feed the hummingbirds without the leaks and drips? It’s one of the most asked questions about hummingbird feeding as people don’t like a dripping feeder, attracting the bees, and other unwanted audiences. Let’s see what you can do to eliminate hummingbird feeder leaks.

Use dish-style feeders

It’s unnecessary to use dish-style feeders as many bottle feeders are also specially designed to prevent leakage. Both feeders are actually more beautiful and attractive to increase your garden’s beauty and bird attraction. But it is observed that dish-style feeders are less prone to leakages than tower feeders.

Don’t overfill the feeder

You need to keep the bird feeder full, but not overfull, especially the bottle hummingbird feeders. When you fill the bottle and invert, a vacuum is formed above the nectar layer, which helps the seal work properly. But when the nectar level drop, the vacuum is compromised leading the feeder to leak more easily. So, a full but not overfull nectar feeder has a more secure seal than the other feeders.

Hang the feeder in full shade

When the sunlight heats the nectar, it’s increased more pressure on the seal and forces leaks to accelerate. Moreover, the cool fresh nectar is also more appealing to hummingbirds than the spoiled nectar.  

Avoid the accidental tips

Try to position the hummingbird feeder in low-crowded areas as compared to high-traffic walkways and paths. The strong breezes of the crowded areas can cause swaying and tipping, which unbalanced the feeder and make it more prone to leaks.

Check the feeder regularly

Check the feeder regularly for any chips, cracks, splits, and warping of the feeder base as its compromise seals and creates leaks. If possible, repair or replace the damaged parts completely, but replace the feeder if the damage is too serious.

Assemble feeder tightly

The tight seal between the bottle and base is necessary to minimize the leaks as a weak and uneven seal can leak easily. Your feeder can also fall apart or break in the worst scenarios.

Remove the perches

You may get shocked by reading about the perches removal as these are attached to the feeder to provide maximum comfort to hummingbirds during feeding. These are also helpful for the woodpeckers, warblers, and orioles, which can unbalance and tip the feeder by their weight. The best way is to remove the perches; as we know, hummingbirds can also feed without perching. You can provide nearby perches for hummingbirds for resting.

Reinforce the Seal

Try to reinforce the seal with plumber tape to minimize the risk of leaks or wrap the tape around the outside of joints. Make sure the tape is not contacting the nectar to prevent contamination. Don’t leave any open tape as the sticky residue can stick with hummingbird feathers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can be the main reasons for my hummingbird feeder leakage?

Many people said that they have just put their feeder a few days back, and it starts dripping, and they don’t know about the reason. Let’s see the five main unknown reasons for the hummingbird feeder leakage.

  • The first one is the two much sun. The spoiled nectar can cause the air to expand, which pushed the nectar out of the ports. So, move your feeder to the shaded area.
  • Sweet nectar also attracts many wild birds that can knock your feeder around and make a mess. So, make sure nothing is helping around the feeder for wild birds.
  • Improper cleaning is one of the main causes of the hummingbird’s feeder leakage. Sometimes the sugar is left around the seals that allow the air to move inside. So, be sure to clean your feeder with warm water and soap regularly.
  • Be sure there is not any defect in your feeder, including its manufacturing and hanging placement. Next, check for any big damage to the feeder like holes or cracks, especially those feeders that you put outdoor during the hottest months.

What are the disadvantages of hummingbird feeder leaks?

A leak feeder is an open invitation for the bees, ants, and other insects. You may notice a few bees and other insects on your leak-proof feeder, but the scene can be even worse for a leak hummingbird feeder. The sticky mess around the leak feeder can make it a home of ants and other sweet lover insects.

Which feeder is best to prevent leaks, glass or plastic?

It’s doesn’t matter a lot as most of the feeders, including glass and plastic, have the same plastic material base. The most important thing is the cleaning, regular check, and proper tight sealing after every refill.

What are the main problems of a leaked hummingbird feeder?

A continuously dripping feeder can be responsible for many big problems.

  • The first big issue with the leaked feeder is the attraction of many unwanted audiences, including insects, mice, rats, raccoons, deer, and squirrels. These unwanted audiences can break the feeder in the worst scenarios.
  • The second problem is the nectar’s waste as a dipping feeder wastes most of the nectar instead of fulfilling the primary purpose.
  • A leaked feeder discourages you from feeding the hummingbirds as it increases your feeder cleaning efforts and the cleaning of around places.
  • The other main issue is the thick nectar, as in a dipping feeder, most of the water dip from the feeder leaving behind a thick layer of nectar. This thick layer is not good for the hummingbird’s stomach and feather as well.

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