Recipe for Hummingbird Feeder Quick and Easy

Today we will teach you a quick recipe for hummingbird feeders. As we all know hummingbirds are some of the smallest birds in the world. The most interesting thing is their wings’ flapping speed, which can reach up to 15 times per second. They require a lot of calories to maintain their momentum with this flapping speed. Hummingbirds fulfill this need by feeding every 10 to 15 minutes. They visit 1000 to 2000 flowers daily to get the nectar to satisfy their speedy metabolism, which becomes very difficult for them during the off flowering season.

You can help these little hardworking fellows by providing them the artificial nectar. This sweet nectar treat can easily be made at home with a few simple ingredients. As a reward, you can see the hummingbirds eating your homemade nectar and increasing your garden’s beauty.

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  • Refined white sugar
  • Boiling water


  • Bowl
  • Spoon

How to make hummingbird food:

  • Take a cup of boiling water, and ¼ cup refined sugar, and mix them in the bowl. Stir the solution with the spoon until no sugar crystal is left behind.
  • Leave the solution to cool completely.
  • Fill your hummingbird feeder and hang it outside at an ideal location.

Some important preventions:

  • Don’t use honey and natural raw sugar as it can promote fungal growth, which can become deadly after mixing with nectar.
  • Don’t add the red dye to your nectar feeder, as it can cause liver infections in hummingbirds.
  • Check the feeder before filling, and clean it thoroughly if you found any mold.
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F.A.Q of Hummingbirds Feeders Recipe:

How long does the hummingbird nectar last?

Hummingbird nectar lasts 7 to 10 days in the refrigerator. So, make the nectar in smaller quantities, and try to use it within 7 to 10 days. But making the fresh nectar each time is the best option.

Can hummingbirds drink cold nectar?

Yes, hummingbirds also drink cold water as many hummers feed at night when the temperature is slightly below the freezing point. But it’s better to ensure that the hummingbirds are not drinking too cold nectar from your feeder.

Is tap water safe for nectar recipes?

Yes, most of the tap water is Ok. But don’t use the distilled water without boiling as it contains impurities and minerals.

How often should I change the hummingbird nectar?

You should regularly check the hummingbird nectar, even if a single drop hasn’t been lost. During the hot weather, change the nectar every two days, while in the winter season, once a week is ok.

Can I add the lemon to the nectar?

Don’t use the lemon at all. The extra acid can be deadly for the hummingbirds as they are not fruit-juice drinkers.

Are the hummingbirds like any food other than the nectar?

No, nectar is the most popular food for hummingbirds. Even if you only offer them nectar in your garden, they will happily visit your garden.

What feeder size is best to feed the hummingbirds?

An 8-ounce feeder is the best option to feed the hummingbirds depending upon the bird’s accommodation.

Which is the best hummingbird feeder, Glass or Plastic?

Both are good, depending upon their pros and cons. The plastic feeders are lighter and cheap but may contain BPA, while the glass feeders are durable and easier to clean but a little expensive.

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