Best Hummingbird Feeders for Poteet Texas 2024 by Hummingbird Mentor

Are you looking to attract hummingbirds in Poteet, Texas? Let’s talk about the best feeders to attract hummingbirds in Poteet, Texas. You can spot these little birds in Poteet from March to mid-May when they’re around for the season. They make babies here from early April to early September and then head south for the winter from late July to mid-November. Spring is the best time to see them buzzing around feeders, parks, and gardens in Poteet.

Although only a few hummingbirds stick around Texas all year, you should set up your feeder in Poteet as soon as you see the first one hanging around your flowers. The Ruby-throated hummingbirds usually show up in Poteet around mid-March, so that’s your cue to get your feeder ready.

Now, let’s check out the best feeders to make sure those hummingbirds in Poteet, Texas, have a reason to visit your yard.

Our Top Pick

Best Overall: Grateful Gnome Hummingbird Feeder 

Grateful Gnome best OverallOur researchers’ overall best choice with a little bit higher price—this feeder featuring a rubber ring, ant-moat, s-hook, with red flower ports.

Budget-Friendly: First Nature 3055 Hummingbird Feeder

First nature Budget FriendlyIt’s a budget-friendly choice of our researchers, even if you have the lowest budget range. But don’t worry as it’s providing all the necessary features to attract hummingbirds.



1. Grateful Gnome Hummingbird Feeders

Grateful Gnome Poteet Texas

The grateful Gnome glass hummingbird feeder is at the top with some unique features. It’s a large blue egg shape design, which can attract hummingbirds from long distances with many bright colors. This large capacity design comes with many accessories, including the S-hook, Ant-moat, Brush and hemp, and a rope. The sturdy metal base cover with a thick and durable hand-blown glass provides you with a good long-lasting feeder. The glass reservoir has several empty portions in colorful designs to easily monitor the nectar level. Easily fill and clean the wide-mouth reservoir by using the included small cleaning brushes. All you need is perfectly concentrated nectar to attract hummingbirds in your garden at Poteet, Texas.

Capacity and ports                                                                  

There are four flower feeding ports with a 36-ounce nectar capacity. The round shape perch of 360 degrees provides great comfort to hummingbirds during feeding.


Many people are worried about the nectar leakage issues in the glass hummingbird feeders due to their reverse design compared to the tray feeders. But this feeder is specially designed with a leak-proof rubber ring to minimize the tipping issues.


This glass feeder has 4 ports, and 36-ounce nectar capacity.

Leak-proof rubber ring with ant moat discourage the insects.


It’s a little expensive feeder as compared to other feeders in the list.

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2. Muse Garden Hummingbird Feeder

Muse garden poteet texas

Muse garden is another good-looking glass hummingbird feeder to attract the hummingbirds in Poteet, Texas. It’s almost like a Grateful Gnome hummingbird feeder with a slight difference in the perches that are T-shaped. The feeder’s wide-mouth design with bee guards on the perches makes it a good feeder to use outdoor. The accessories include the Ant-moat, S-hook, Hemp-rope, and cleaning brush. You can thoroughly clean the feeder ports with a perfect design small brush. All the Muse Garden products have some small bubbles on their surface, which proves that these products are homemade and unique. The blue bottle of the feeder is adorned with brilliant colors, which attract hummingbirds from long distances.

Capacity and ports

It has four feeding ports with a 34-ounce nectar capacity and features a separate T shape perch along with each port.

Leak-proof gasket

Are you worried about the usual glass hummingbird feeders? You don’t need to be, as this feeder has a special leak-proof gasket to prevent nectar leaks.

Easy to use

It’s convenient to use a design with a tightly sealed base. Unscrew the base for thorough cleaning and clean it with warm soapy water.


There are 4 feeding ports with 34-ounce capacity.

It’s include a leak proof gasket and bee guards.


Don’t safe for the dishwasher

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3. BOLITE 18017-R Hummingbird Feeder

BOLITE poteet texas

BOLITE 18017 is a diamond shape red bottle design with a copper plastic base and metal cape. This unique design hummingbird feeder can fit any garden space beautifully. The wide-mouth bottle allows you to easily fill and clean the nectar reservoir, which is sure to be the best charming addition in your backyard. You can screw the container off the base for a thorough cleaning. Make sure the hand cleaning with warm soapy water is recommended. Use the metal hanger with S-hook to hang it anywhere along the tree or outside.

Capacity and ports

It has five red follower feeding ports on the metal cover with a 20-ounce nectar capacity that provides them enough energy to hummingbirds.

Convenient design

It’s a uniquely convenient and practical design to use in any backyard. This can be the best gift for friends, families, and neighbors with a unique diamond shape.


It has 5 ports, and 20-ounce nectar capacity.

The unique diamond shape make different from usual hummingbird feeders.


Little heavier with 2.46 pounds weight.

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4. Juegoal Hummingbird Feeder

Juegoal Feeder

The first saucer-style hummingbird feeder in the list features the nectar below the feeding ports compared to all the previous feeders. You can easily remove the red Maggift cover for easy cleaning and refilling. The metal hanging rod allows you to hang it anywhere on the tree or pole. Make sure to add the nectar when the nectar in the reservoir is only half, as some species beak can’t reach the depth of the reservoir. Juegoal is a completely plastic feeder, so its placement matters a lot, especially during warmer weather. Make sure to clean it more frequently during the warmer weather.

Capacity and ports

There are eight flower feeding ports with a 12-ounce nectar capacity.


It is the big advantage of plastic feeders as compared to glass hummingbird feeders. Juegoal feeder has only 10.5 ounces weight, making it one of the easiest to use in the backyard.

Built-in ant moat

The Built-in ant moat right at the middle of the feeder prevents the ants and other crawling insects from reaching the nectar.


It has 8 ports with 12 ounce nectar capacity.

It’s a light weight saucer style feeder.


Only 12-ounce nectar capacity.

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5. First Nature 3055 Hummingbird Feeder

First Nature pateet texas

First Nature hummingbird feeders are designed to provide good quality feeders to bird lovers in low price ranges. The First Nature 3055 is also an example of their best low-price feeders with all the necessary features to attract the birds—this special feeder features a wide-mouth large reservoir with a two-part base. The nectar reservoir of this special feeder is large enough that you can easily mix the right proportion of the water and sugar right inside the jar. It’s an all-plastic material feeder with a bright red base and top.

Capacity and ports

This feeder can feed the maximum hummingbirds with 10 feeding ports and a 32-ounce nectar capacity.


This plastic feeder is even lighter than the Juegoal as its weight is only 6.4 ounces.


Feed several hummingbirds with 10 ports and 32-ounce nectar capacity.

It’s another perfect light weight feeder in the list.


Don’t include ant moat but you can buy a separate ant moat.

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17 commonly found hummingbird species in Texas

Almost 27 different hummingbird species are located in the United States, and 17 of them are passing through the Texas state, making it a perfect place to feed and spot the hummingbirds. Some of them are regular to pass this state during migration, while some are only sighted at some point. Let’s know more about these commonly found hummingbird species of Poteet, Texas.

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

This hummingbird species is commonly found in the eastern half of Texas. Especially in the north and south of Austin, which is also the breeding range of the hummers. This hummingbird species has the largest breeding range of any North American hummingbird.

Broad-tailed hummingbird

Broad-tailed hummingbird is more common in western Texas. They are mostly found in May and August and only spend a few months in the United States each year. You can spot these birds around the nectar feeders during these months.

Buff-bellied Hummingbird

These hummingbirds are mostly found in southern and southeastern Texas. They mostly travel in the east and make Texas and Louisiana the only two states to find them. Their limited distribution makes them the less common hummingbird species of Texas as compared to other species.

Blue-throated mountain gem

You can only spot them in three states of the U.S, including Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. The best location to see the Blue-throated hummingbirds in Texas is the Big Bend, National Park.

Black-chinned hummingbird 

This is the most common hummingbird species in Texas, as you can see them in all of central and western Texas. They breed in the eastern United States and migrate north from Mexico and Central America each year.

Calliope hummingbird

These are only pass through the western parts of Texas and migrate mostly to the Pacific Northwest and western parts of Canada. These are the smallest hummingbirds in North America and were found in Texas in late September and early October.

Rufous hummingbird

They only pass through Texas during the migration, and you may be lucky enough to see some Rufous hummingbirds on your backyard feeder in Texas. Rufous hummingbirds don’t like to share the feeder with other hummingbirds.

Lucifer hummingbird

Their breeding population is in the Big Bend National Park area in Texas, but they are also found in extreme southern New Mexico and Arizona. You can see the Lucifer hummingbirds in Texas in early March to late November each year.

Anna’s hummingbird

It’s one of the rare hummingbird species of Texas, which is slightly larger than the Ruby-throated. There are some occasional sightings of Anna’s hummingbirds in western and northwestern Texas.

Broad-Billed hummingbird

This hummingbird is mostly spotted in western Texas, especially around the Davis Mountains.

Magnificent hummingbird

The magnificent hummingbird is also known as the Rivoli hummingbird is mostly spotted in the West Texas area.

Allen’s hummingbird

This is a tiny hummingbird species that fly from Central America to the Pacific Coast in California each year.

White-eared Hummingbird

There are many sightings of the White-eared hummingbirds in Texas near the Davis Mountains. But it’s another rare species of the Texas state.

Mexican Violetear

These are the breeding visitors of the Texas state and have been seen in southern areas.

Violet-crowned Hummingbird

There are many recordings of the violet-crowned hummingbirds in Texas, and they also have a small breeding range in southern New Mexico and Arizona.

Berylline Hummingbird

There is only one famous sighting of the Berylline hummingbirds in Texas, which is documented in 1997. After that, there is no handful of sightings reported.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I need to put my feeder out in Texas?

You can put your feeder out when you start seeing hummers in your area. Hopefully, you will see the black-chinned hummingbirds at the end of February and Ruby-throated hummingbirds in the middle of March.

Do hummingbirds stay in Texas year-round?     

Most of the hummingbirds arrive in Texas between mid-March and early May, which are the great months to spot the hummingbirds in parks and gardens across Texas. Only a few hummingbirds stay in Texas year-round, but winter sightings are common in a few areas.

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