Hummingbird Feeder Placement Guide by Hummingbird Mentor

Nectar-filled feeders are a magnet for hummingbirds, but their placement matters a lot to get the expected benefits. Putting the hummingbird feeders at a perfect location attracts more hummingbirds and provides a stunning view to every viewer. So, where you actually need to put your hummingbird feeder?

Moving the feeder a few feet away can make a big difference in their popularity among the hummingbirds. Sometimes the poorly placed feeder also responsible for leakages, which attract insects and pests. Ensure the feeder is properly visible to the hummingbirds and you, as the birders are normally less convenient for refilling and cleaning the less visible feeder. Let’s see some main points you should consider while placing your hummingbird feeder.

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Hummingbirds can locate the nectar feeders from large distances with their keen eyesight. But the feeders that are hidden under a deep roof and trees can easily be overlooked. Make sure the feeder is catching some light such that the colors and reflections are easily seen. It can also be placed near some other red colors, as the hummingbirds can also note the feeder near brighter colors.


An ideally placed feeder is always convenient for the birders to clean and refill. So, make sure to place the feeder within easy reach, especially it’s not too high that it’s difficult to take down. You can put the feeder near decks, patios rather than putting it in deep garden beds.


An unsafe feeder is always hurting for the hummingbirds in terms of predators. So, the feeder should be high enough the predators can’t access it. Especially take about the cats, which can jump to nectar feeder from the ground and around places. They also need to be far away from the windows or too close such that the hummingbird doesn’t strike with the windows.


Hummingbirds don’t like to feed on the areas where large birds are active. Make sure the nectar feeders are placed away from the seed feeders. Some aggressive species of the hummingbirds are also discouraging for small hummingbird species. So, multiple nectar hummingbird feeders distributed throughout the yard can provide a separate feeding station to the aggressive hummers.


If you are looking to get a better view with stunning observations for exceptional hummingbird photography, try to choose the closer location. The window hummingbird feeders are perfect for this purpose. You can also place the feeder near outdoor benches and gazebos such there are no obstructions available for the hummingbirds to hide.


Sometimes the little leaks are bound to happen irrespective of the much care. But you need to place the feeder at a perfect location where it’s safe from the strong winds, as it’s helpful to keep it from tipping. Hummingbird feeder should be placed away from the high traffic areas to minimize accidental bumped. You should also need to protect the feeder from rain to keep the nectar fresh and uncontaminated.


Those hummingbird feeders that are exposed to sunlight are more visible to hummingbirds, but they spoil quickly on hot summer days. They are not suitable for hummingbirds for more than two to three days. So, placing the hummingbird feeder in an area safe from the afternoon shade protects the feeder from the hottest temperatures. Dappled shade under the tree is also good compared to direct sunlight and still catches the hummingbird’s eyes.


Hummingbird feeder should be well-shaped and placed such that the hummingbirds can maneuver comfortably around the feeder.  They like enough space around the feeder to defend the feeder from other birds. So, makes sure the feeder is not nested into the dense foliage.

Best places to hang the Hummingbird feeders

According to the hummingbird feeder placement above-listed points, the following spots can be ideal for putting the hummingbird feeders.

  • Hummingbird garden is one of the best places to put the hummingbird feeder. The plenty of nectar-rich blooms and abundant insects in the garden provide the necessary protein for the hummingbirds.
  • You can also place the feeder near your kitchen or office window. It provides you an exceptional view of the hummingbirds and also easy to clean and refill. But don’t forget to use the decals and other tactics to prevent the birds from hitting the window.
  • Hang the feeder gutter, awning, or gazebo where it sparkles. But make sure it’s still shaded during the hottest part of the day.
  • The hummingbird feeder under 10 to 12 feet of protected cover is also good to provide shelter and perches to hummingbirds for resting during the feeding.

You can place your feeder anywhere in the garden if there is no hummingbird feeder in your garden. But focusing on the above-listed places can increase the strength of hummingbirds in your garden. Just make sure the hummingbirds are not trapping inside.

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