The 5 Best Glass Hummingbird Feeders 2024 by Hummingbird Mentor

If you’re in the market for a stylish hummingbird feeder to spruce up your garden, consider opting for a glass feeder. Glass feeders come in a variety of unique shapes and vibrant colors, adding an extra touch of beauty to any outdoor space. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but many people also appreciate their durability and long-lasting qualities.

Unlike some plastic feeders that may contain harmful chemicals like BPA, glass feeders are free from toxins, making them a safer choice for both hummingbirds and the environment. While plastic and glass feeders each have their pros and cons, glass feeders are often favored for their resistance to warping, fading, and cracking over time.

Additionally, glass feeders are easier to clean thanks to their smooth surface and wide-mouth reservoir, although they may be slightly heavier than their plastic counterparts. In this updated guide for 2024, we’ll showcase the best glass hummingbird feeders available in various price ranges, ensuring you find the perfect option to enhance your garden’s allure.

Our Top Pick

Best Overall: LUJII Hummingbird Feeder 

1 luji bestIt’s a unique style Glass feeder with 5 feeding ports and a 36-ounce nectar capacity. An ant-moat hook is included in the package to prevent ants and other insects.

Budget-Friendly: REZIPO Hummingbird Feeder 

4 rezipo budget friendly Do you have a limited budget? Buy this special feeder that is providing you all the best features in the budget-friendly range.


1. LUJII Hummingbird Feeder

LUJII hummingbird feeder

“LUJI” is a unique style glass hummingbird feeder in our list to attract more birds to your garden which will increase the beauty of your backyard. The bright red color bottle with yellow spots makes it more attractive for hummingbirds. Skilled artisans perfectly finish its beautiful handmade blown glass. The two layers of embedded pigment on the glass make it less prone to fade and damage. You will also get an ant moat hook with the package to hang the feeder with maximum ant’s safety. This height ark design feeder is convenient for the hummingbirds resting and flying.

Capacity and ports

It has five red color flower-feeding ports with a 36-ounce nectar capacity. There is a round shape perch along each port to provide comfortable feeding to hummingbirds.

Easy to use

Easily use this wide-mouth design with a two-part base. Just unscrew the bottle from the base and open the two-part base for thorough cleaning.


It has 5 ports with 36-ounce nectar capacity.

One of the easiest cleaning hummingbird feeder to use with ant moat.


  It’s one of the heaviest glass hummingbird feeder with 2.2 pounds weight.

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2. Grateful Gnome Hummingbird Feeder

Grateful Gnome feeder

Grateful Gnome has vibrant blue, yellow, and red color combinations to attract hummingbirds. The beautiful display of the red colors of this feeder closely resembles the natural flowers. You will get an ant-moat, S-hook, hemp-rope, and brush in the package. This long-lasting glass feeder is made with sturdy metal material and a wide-mouth opening which is very easy to clean and refill. Use the small included brush to thoroughly clean the ports.

Capacity and ports

This glass feeder features four red ports and a 36-ounce nectar capacity, along with 360-degree ring shape perch.

Rubber ring

A special rubber ring is included in the base part to prevent leaks. But the tightly twisting is necessary after each refilling and cleaning.

Easy to clean

Hummingbird feeder cleaning is equally important to prevent the hummingbird’s health dangers and repel the ants. But don’t worry, as this glass feeder’s rugged material makes it very easy to clean.


There are 4 ports with 36-ounce nectar capacity.

It has special rubber ring to prevent the leaks.


Little Expensive than the usual plastic hummingbird feeders.

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3. BOLITE 18005 Hummingbird Feeder

Bollite 18005 feeder

It’s a good combination of glass, plastic, and metal with metal caped feeding ports to minimize ants’ interference. The base of this feeder is plastic, along with perches. You can hang this attractive vintage design glass feeder anywhere in your garden. This is going to be the best choice for old-fashioned lovers with a finished copper base. Don’t add any red dye in the nectar; the red color bottle is enough to divert the hummingbird’s attention to your backyard. It’s easy to clean this feeder. Screw the container off the base and use warm soapy water. Although the glass container can go into the dishwasher, hand cleaning is recommended.

Capacity and ports

It has five feeding ports with a 22-ounce capacity, which is enough to attract different hummingbird species.

Easy to use

Are you looking to attract more birds to your garden? Easily hang this feeder with a tree, pole, or anywhere by using the metal hanger.


5 flower ports with 22-ounce capacity.

Easy to clean with wide mouth reservoir and detachable base.


It’s another heavy glass feeder in the list with 2.30 pounds weight.

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4. REZIPO Hummingbird Feeder


“REZIPO Feeder” is a unique combination of red, green, and yellow colors with brushed copper glass. You will get 1 ant-moat, 1 metal hook, 1 cotton lanyard, and a small brush with this beautiful, attractive feeder. It’s a clear glass feeder with red, yellow, and green colors that makes it easy to monitor and refill. You can easily use this sturdy material wide-mouth design in your outdoors. Fill the ant moat with water and attack it with an upper glass attachment to prevent ants. Detach the two-part base, and use the small brush to clean the feeder ports.

Capacity and ports

The four ports of the feeder with four “T” shaped perches allow the four birds to feed at a time. It’s one of the maximum capacity feeders on our list, which can hold up to 40-ounce nectar.

Rubber ring

It’s included a leak-proof rubber ring in the base part to eliminate the leakage chances. Tightly seal the base with a glass tank to prevent leakage.

Reliable material

Buy this feeder with reliable, sturdy material within the average price range.


One of the largest nectar capacity feeder in the list with 40-ounce capacity along 4 feeding ports.

The reliable material feeder with rubber ring and ant moat provide a long lasting feeder.


Narrow base part with less perching space.

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5. Perky-Pet 8108-2 Hummingbird Feeder

Perky-Pet 8108-2

It’s an antique-style transparent bottler feeder in the list with red flower ports. The simple glass bottle with a nickel base offers charm and durability. This unique glass feeder especially comes in our list with its decorative features within the low price range. What we like the most about this feeder is its breeze to clean and fill features. Unscrew the bottle from the base to thoroughly clean it. Make sure to clean it every 1 to 2 weeks with mild soap and rinse thoroughly.

Capacity and ports

There are four feeding ports with 10 ounce-nectar capacity and some space on the base for perching.

Antique bottle design

It’s a unique style antique bottle design feeder, which can maximize your garden beauty. Hang it anywhere in your garden with a brilliant metallic design accent.


It has 4 ports feeding ports with 10-ounce nectar capacity.

This antique bottle design with nickel base good to use in garden.


Don’t include special perches.

Capacity is little bit low with 4 feeding ports.

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Main differences in Glass and Plastic hummingbird feeders:

Whichever feeder you are going to buy, one thing is sure that it can attract the hummingbirds in your garden as these are specially designed for this purpose. Both feeders have specially designed flower ports to fulfill their primary purpose of attracting hummingbirds. But, there are many differences in glass and plastic feeders, making them unique feeders on their own.

Plastic hummingbird feeders

Plastic feeders are very versatile and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can easily find a plastic feeder with nectar capacity varying from 1-2 ounces to 32 ounces. At the same time, the different styles include extended bars, small saucer dishes, top-fill designs, and all types of fun and funky shapes. These feeders are usually lighter and cheaper as compared to glass feeders. But they are more prone to swaying and tipping, which creates leaks in the worst cases. You may need to replace the plastic feeder little early as compared to the glass feeders.

Glass Hummingbird feeders

All the glass feeders are usually like a bottle with fewer design variations. But each glass feeder is individually made with hands that increases their durability. You don’t need to worry about the heat and summer season as they don’t warp or flex like the plastic feeders. The smooth surface of the glass feeder also makes them safe toxic-free feeders with ease of cleaning. One of the best features of the glass hummingbird feeders is their attraction; these decorative-style feeders are the best addition to any backyard garden.

Essential things to note while buying a glass feeder:

We believe that the more you know about the glass feeders, the better your selection will be for your garden. The first and the most important thing you need to be noticed is that the feeder is completely safe for hummingbirds. But there are many other considerations that you should keep in your mind while choosing a glass feeder.

Size and capacity

Glass feeders are usually available in 8-ounce to 36-ounce nectar capacity. These are also available in large nectar capacities, including the 48, and 80-ounce capacity for those who wanted to feed a large number of hummers at a time. But you can also use several small capacity feeders to feed the number of hummingbirds. You need to choose the feeder’s size according to your daily routine as the smaller capacity feeders need frequent refilling.

Ant barrier

Is your feeder contains the ant barrier? No, make sure to buy it separately. Most of the glass feeders don’t include the built-in barrier; you always need an ant moat hook to prevent the ants in glass feeders. This hook is like a cup, which needs to be filled with water or any other sticky liquid to block the ants.


Glass feeders are not completely made with glass; their base is usually plastic or metal material. So, concentrate on the base material as well for the long life of your glass hummingbird feeder. If the base is plastic, make sure it’s free from toxic chemicals. Even the UV-stable polycarbonate base is the best with lifetime guarantees.


Glass feeders are usually easier to clean than plastic feeders, but it’s good to confirm before buying. The wide-mouth and smooth surface of the glass feeders are perfectly designed for easy cleaning. Make sure to roughly clean your glass feeder twice a week and a thorough cleaning once a month.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is my Glass feeder is Leaking?

Usually, the glass feeders leaking is due to the vacuum, which formed above the nectar layer. When the nectar level drops further, the vacuum compromise and leads the feeder to leak more easily, so try to keep your glass feeder full, but it should not be overflowing.

How to clean the glass on the hummingbird feeder?

The glass feeder can be clean with a solution of ¼ cup bleach and one gallon of water. Make the solution and soak the feeder in it for one hour. After that, use the bottle brush to clean and rinse it with running water. Make sure the feeder is completely dry before refilling.

Can I put the glass feeder in the dishwasher?

Glass hummingbird feeders are usually safe for the dishwasher as compared to plastic feeders. This method is quick and easy to clean the glass hummingbird feeders, but it’s not recommended for general cleaning, especially for the moldy feeders that need scrubbing. Clean the moldy feeders with warm soapy water.

How often should I need to clean the glass hummingbird feeders?

Usually, glass feeders don’t require frequent cleaning like plastic feeders due to fewer leakage issues. But during the hot weather a simple cleaning twice a week is necessary to prevent the thorough cleaning. Pour all the nectar out of the feeder and rinse it with vinegar twice a week.

What is black stuff in my glass feeder?

Sometimes the black stuff is more likely to be found in the glass feeders, as many people don’t thoroughly clean their glass feeders for a long time. This black stuff is actually the nastiest and hardest mold that grows in the glass feeders. You need to thoroughly brush your feeder to remove the dead mold colonies.

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