The 5 Best Hummingbird feeder poles 2024 by hummingbird Mentor

Are you on the hunt for the best hummingbird feeder poles? These poles play a crucial role in attracting hummingbirds, as they’re designed to keep feeders at the right height. Hummingbird feeder poles can range from 2 to 9 feet tall with a slender diameter of around ½ inch. It’s important to choose a pole that fits your feeder placement strategy, typically positioning it between 5 to 6 feet above the ground.

Once you’ve selected the perfect height for your hummingbird feeder, ensure there’s no foliage underneath that might attract unwanted guests like ants, bees, or other insects. Installing an ant-moat and sealing any leakages can help prevent these pests. Additionally, choose a location for the feeder pole where it’s easily visible to birds.

When selecting a feeder pole, avoid opting for the cheapest option, as low-quality poles may struggle to support the weight of nectar-filled feeders, especially when wild birds attempt to perch on them. We’ve done the legwork to bring you the best hummingbird feeder poles available.

Our Top Pick

Best Overall: BEAU JARDIN Shepherd Hook

Best overall poleIt’s the best choice hook for the hummingbird feeders with 92 inches in height and a versatile design. The extra-long foot of the hood provides great stability.

Budget-Friendly: Yosager premium bird feeder pole 

Budget Friendly poleIt’s a good bird feeding pole kit in a budget-friendly price range. You can easily install this rust-resistance pole without any special tole.

List of Best Hummingbird Feeder Poles 2022

1. BEAU JARDIN Shepherd Hook 

BEAU Jardin pole

BEAU JARDIN shepherd hook is a 92 inches tall and 3 to 5 inches thick hummingbird feeder pole. This heavy-duty garden hook can also bear the weight of the plant basket. The wind chimes wedding metal with the perfect strong base makes it an ideal feeder for the windy weather. It’s a versatile sturdy hook, which can be used for multiple purposes, including hanging planters, flower pots, bird feeder poles, lanterns, candleholders, garden lights, and mason jars. Even the solid and reliable arc welding design of the pole can bear the weight of a birdbath.

Durable and high                

It’s a durable black heavy-duty garden hook with a much thicker material than other brand hooks. The rod’s extra-long foot maintains the fixed, upright posture of the hook while bearing the weight of nectar-filled feeders.


You can see the glossy paint and black color for years. This anti-rust design came with ready-to-use features with any complex assembly like the plastic poles.

Easy to install

You need to stake the hook in the ground, and your pole is ready to hang the hummingbird feeder.


This pole is 92 inches tall and 3 to 5 inches thick.

Wind resistant with arc welding design.

The versatile hook can be used for multiple purposes.


Little expensive with 11.33 pounds weight.

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2. Bird Feeders Poles Kit

2 pole kit

It’s a multiple-feeder hanging kit with multiple branches on the pole like a tree. The kit includes the birdbath, bird feeder, and planter hanger. This steel material pole is 91 inches tall and 22 inches wide, making it ideal for hanging hummingbird feeders. It’s featuring overall four hooks, the above long hooks followed by the two small hooks. The two small hooks can be adjusted anywhere on the pole and are effective for the smaller feeder. You can use the mesh-try to offer fruits, nuggets, suet, and even seeds to other birds.

4 prong base

The 4 prong base of this special feeder provides a great balance to bear the weight of nectar feeders and trays.

Rust resistant

It’s made up of rust-resistant steel material to provide you with a long-lasting pole for your garden.

Easy to install

You can easily adjust the pole components at desired locations by loosening and tightening the wing nuts. You don’t require any special tools.


It is 91 inches tall and 22 inches wide.

It’s a rust resistance design with 4 prong base.


Don’t feature the deck clamp only for ground mount.

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3. FEED GARDEN Premium Bird Feeding Station Kit


It’s another bird feeding pole kit on the list, which comes with a birdbath, bird feeder, planter hanger, and bird feeder stand. This unique black color pole is a combination of iron, plastic, and metal material. The pole’s height is 91 inches, and the width is 20 inches. It’s an ideal pole system for bird lovers, garners, and kids. You can detach all the parts of the pole to save it for the next season. You can also hang the plant baskets with the pole to add beauty to your outdoor living space. This 91 inches pole station is still 82 inches long after being buried into the ground.

5 prongs

The five prongs base provides the best balance to this pole to stay straight with the 6 different hooks.

Four hooks

The 4 hooks of the pole allow you to hang more bird feeders. They also provide you with more options for your decorative plans.

Heavy duty

This rust resistance and heavy-duty design provide you with a long-lasting pole for your backyard.


It has 91 inches tall with 21 inches width.

It’s featuring 5 prongs base with four hooks for multiple purposes.


Birdbath is made with plastic material.

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4. BOLITE 18014 Bird Feeding Station

BOLITE 18014

BOLITE 18014 bird feeding pole comes in the list with the improved-prongs design. It’s featuring one set of poles for inserting into the ground and 3 prongs for stability. This multipurpose feeder stand kit adds additional décor to your garden and provides you an easy way to enjoy the pleasure of the birds feeding. You can hang the different types of feeders with the four hangers. It can be the best gift for neighbors, friends, and family members. The pole is also featuring two trays for water, seeds, and fruits. All the feeder parts are made with metal material and black in color.


It’s a strong, rust-proof bird feeding station featuring sturdy metal construction. You can easily adjust this wing nut design and place the accessories anywhere to any desired location.


The pole’s twin top hooks are ideal for hanging the bird feeders, plants, lanterns, wind chimes, and decorations.


The improved prong design of the feeder provides great stability. It has one set of poles for inserting into the ground and three prongs for stability.


This pole is 77 inches tall and 24 inches wide.

It’s an improved design with one set for inserting into the ground and three for stability.


Prongs are not too long, so don’t put too much weight.

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5. Yosager Premium Bird Feeding Station Kit

Yosager premium

Yosager is a good bird feeding kit with metal suet, birdbath, bird feeder, and planter hanger. This pole can attract a variety of birds in your garden, including hummingbirds. Yosager pole has 72 inches in height and 21 inches in width. The pole’s perfect design and height allow you to enjoy the bird’s activity in your garden. Yosager is the best gift for parents, children, and nature lovers. It’s made with 100% polyester material and is one of the lightest poles on the list with only 4.42 pounds.

Rust resistance

Don’t worry about the rainy weather, as this sturdy bird feeder pole system comes with rust-resistant features.

Easy to install

You can easily adjust the pole components at any height by hand. Hang the large feeder and other things like solar interns on the top hooks.


It’s a good all-in-one kit within the average price range.

Easy to install without any special tool.


Only two points to go into the ground, but you can zip tie.

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Two main types of hummingbird feeders:

There are two basic styles of hummingbird feeders, as we have seen in the above list. The first one is the glass feeder, usually inverted, while the second one is the saucer feeder. The inverted style feeders have a central nectar reservoir above the nectar ports, while the saucer style feeders have a bowl type reservoir below the feeding ports. Let’s see both types in detail.

Inverted Style pole Hummingbird feeders

  • Most inverted-style pole hummingbird feeders have glass nectar reservoirs, but some inverted feeders also have a plastic reservoir.
  • You can easily check the nectar level without disassembling the hummingbird feeder. The glass transparency allows you to monitor the nectar level easily.
  • The inverted style hummingbird pole feeders have greater nectar capacity than the saucer style pole feeders. Many inverted style pole feeders can hold up to 40-ounce to 50-ounce nectar.
  • But inverted style pole hummingbird feeders are more prone to leakage. They have more chances of attracting ants and insects.
  • Sometimes it isn’t easy to clean and refill the inverted style feeders due to their narrow opening. So, make sure to buy a wide-mouth design.
  • You may need a special type of S-hook to hang the inverted style hummingbird feeders with poles.

Saucer Style pole hummingbird feeders

  • Saucer-style pole hummingbird feeders are usually made with plastic material and have a bowl-type nectar reservoir.
  • These feeders are easy to clean with removable covers. There is no narrow space that makes it difficult to clean them.
  • It’s easy to hang saucer-style feeders with the poles and railing due to their special hook.
  • They need frequent refilling due to lower nectar capacity.
  • Slightly less visible to visiting hummingbirds than the inverted glass hummingbird feeders.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the perfect hummingbird feeder height?

At what height should your feeder be? It mostly depends upon your garden environment and around space. Try to hang the feeder at a perfect height on the pole where it’s easily visible to hummingbirds. Normally, pole feeders are hung between 2 feet to 9 feet, the perfect margin of height for any pole feeder.

How can I put the hummingbird feeder on a pole?

Use the included S-hook or ant-moat hook to hang your hummingbird feeder with the pole. You can also buy these hooks separately if not included in the package. Make sure the pole is tightly mounted in the ground and can bear the weight of nectar-filled feeders.

What are the important steps to keep in mind while thinking about the hummingbird feeder pole setup?

Most people buy a hummingbird feeder and pole, but it becomes difficult for them to find a perfect location. If you are also facing the same issue, follow the below steps.

  • Firstly choose the best location in your garden for the pole that is easily visible from long distances.
  • Choose the bird feeder mounting method and munt it with the pole at any height between 2 feet to 9 feet.
  • Make sure the pole is perfectly placed on the ground such that it can bear the weight of feeder and birds.

How far should be a hummingbird feeder from the window?

It’s an important question to ask how thousands of birds are found dead due to window strikes every year. So, try to set your feeder at a specific distance from the window. The perfect hummingbird pole position is 3 feet from the window, but you can also put it farther than 10 feet away.

How to secure my hummingbird feeder pole?

You can use the two-piece stabilizer onto the pole and push it into the ground to secure it. Make sure to tighten the thumbscrew before hanging the hummingbird feeders. Your hummingbird feeder pole is ready to stay straight for years.

Can I hang any feeders with poles?

Yes, you can hang any feeder with the pole that includes the following.

  • Plastic feeders
  • Glass feeders
  • Hanger feeder

Many plastic feeders come with a hook-type design, which can be directly hanged with the pole, while a special S-hook is needed in glass and hanger-type hummingbird feeders.

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